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Born in Pakistan, raised in London, and coming of age in Los Angeles, I have seen the world through a multitude of identities and perspectives.  After earning a Master's Degree in Social Anthropology from the London School of Economics, I dodged the call of academia and dove headfirst into covering the worldwide phenomenon of electronic music culture.  Since then, I have developed into one of the most potent content producers in all of music journalism.  

The key to my writing is that I bring incisive cultural analysis, sharp wit, and a warm sense of humanity to the subjects I cover. Whether it's with the world's most talented DJs, aspiring political candidates, or the homeless denizens of skid row, I approach every assignment with the intention of entertaining and elucidating while immersing myself entirely in the subject matter.

After two years at the helm of Vice's electronic music culture channel THUMP as Managing Editor, in late 2015 I transitioned to Editor-at-Large and launched Black Circle Media, a dynamic and robust creative content agency with a focus on editorial, video, brand activation, and project management. I also currently function as Global Editorial Director of We Are Pulse and am available for freelance writing and consulting.